With all the baking and cooking I’ve been doing lately, I figured it was time to invest in an apron. But finding one is not such an easy task! There are a lot of aprons out there. I’d like one with pockets, to store a towel or some other miscellaneous item I just have to have on my person rather than the counter mere inches away from me. (I was once on a co-op shift at college where we had to crack at least four dozen eggs for a frittata, and the towel I had hung over my apron’s waist string came in handy, big time.) Then I have to ask myself just how fancy I want my apron to be: Do I want the standard white apron? Maybe. Do I want one with lots of ruffles and embroidery and embellishments and a loud pattern? Probably not. I’m not entertaining anyone or having people over for dinner parties, so I really don’t need my apron to work as a kitchen outfit. But if there are so many fun options available, maybe I should take advantage of the selection? I’ve bookmarked a few that I could see myself wearing and thought I’d share them. Unfortunately, aprons can get kind of expensive, but halfway through my search, I decided to ignore the price and just find ones I liked. But what that means is that the apron I end up buying most likely won’t be one from the selection below.

Clockwise from top left: Jessie Steele Navy French Toile Chef Apron, $33.95; Toast Teatowel Check Apron, £42; Target Dwell Sevilla Kitchen Apron, $16.99; John Caswell “Apron Guide” Apron, £15 (also available at Amazon, $34.99); Anthropologie Tea-and-Crumpets Apron, $32; Anthropologie Rosey Prim Apron, $38

I think my favorite is the one from Toast — even the name is calling out to me (or this blog), it seems! — but that one is more of a wish list item. Maybe I’m better off making my own, using some dish towels or the fabric of my choosing.


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