Spring Along

I actually drafted this post yesterday; today’s weather is beautiful! Clear, blue skies. (I’ve changed all references to “today” to “yesterday.”)

During our last few days in Arizona, rumors were swirling about the weather back east(ward). “It snowed during the Indians game!” I caught a glimpse of the opening day game at Yankee Stadium, and the people in the stands were wrapped up tight in winter wear. What was going on?! It was in the (humidity-free!) 90s in Arizona at the time; surely, spring had come to New York. St. Patrick’s Day was gorgeous, with the kind of weather that made us all think that spring had sprung. But no, it was followed by some more cold weather the next week. Still, I continued to hope. I know that just because it’s officially spring doesn’t mean it feels like spring. But I was living it up in 90-degree weather; I couldn’t bear the thought of returning to a 50-degree drop in temperature.

The past couple of days have been a little cooler than what I would call “mild weather,” although it’s sort of starting to feel springlike. Yesterday, though, was rainy, all day. On my way out the door this morning, I grabbed an umbrella at random, and I suspected that it may have been one of those umbrellas that should have been retired a long time ago. I was running late, though, so out I went, only to have the umbrella get increasingly bent out of shape while I was down in Soho. I was that person, walking around with an umbrella that’s flopping around and blowing inside out. My efforts to hold one side down with my hand only resulted in a lot of cold water dripping inside my coat sleeve. Never again! On my way back home, I made sure to buy a new umbrella (and the other one will definitely get tossed!). Speaking of umbrellas, how cool are these from SquidLondon? Here’s a brief description from their website: SquidLondon’s umbrellas change color/colour as soon as the rain its panels! Unique, fun, gift – the only color/colour changing umbrella in the world! SquidLondon are focused on developing stylish, fun yet practical umbrellas and designs. Brightening up our rainy days. If you go to their site, you’ll also find out that they were inspired by Jackson Pollock. Pretty fun idea for an umbrella, I think!

While a bad drought in Arizona has meant that no cacti are (yet) in bloom, there were still, as always, so many colors around! From the very colorful drinks (that’s a prickly pear margarita on the right!) …

… to the brightly-colored ocotillo plant, there was much to be photographed.

Looking through my Arizona photos, I remembered the glass flask bottle I bought on sale at Sur La Table a few weeks ago. I had meant to buy a bud for it, but I kept forgetting to. So, on my way home yesterday, I stopped into a flower shop and bought one bright pink ranunculus, in hopes it would serve as a reminder of the coming spring and brighten up my room, and mood, a bit.

I’ve always wanted to take a flower arranging class for fun, and it’s on my “future to-do list,” which both exists and doesn’t exist. I do think a flower class would be a great way to learn more about flowers. I know a lily from a chrysanthemum, but I find myself forgetting flower names quite often, and I’d love to really establish what flowers I like. I didn’t set out to buy a ranunculus, but I saw a small arrangement of white ones on the counter at the store and decided I’d found my flower.

Now all I’m waiting for is those cherry trees along Park Avenue to bloom.

All photos taken by Taking of Toast.


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