The Taking of Tea (and Coffee)

As the weather slowly starts to warm up, I’m already starting to think about drinking iced coffee to stay cool. But for now, when it’s not yet cloying and humid out, I’ll stick to the non-iced variety. These days, I tend to get my coffee on the go, in paper cups. I really need to bring my travel mug into my local coffee shop and ask if they’d fill it for me and just charge accordingly. (As a quick aside, I don’t really like taking my coffee/tea on the subway, since it’s hard to read a book and hold a cup at the same time, and I read more on the subway than I do at home. I need that travel time to make progress on my reading! But really, there are simple ways around this “problem.”) Non-travel mugs aren’t so great for, well, travel, but I like imagining myself in a sunlit kitchen, all cozied up with a book or newspaper, drinking out of a lovely mug. I’ve told myself that when I move into a new apartment, I will buy myself a mug, as a sort of housewarming gift. There are so many great mugs out there to choose from, but they’re not cheap! But still, it’s fun to browse.

I’ve always been fond of mugs with a little something extra on the inside, like this one from Anthropologie. I love that it even has a little thumb rest on the top of the handle!

This mug from apiecebydenise at Etsy has to be one of the cleverest — and cutest — mugs I’ve come across. A nook at the bottom of your mug to store your cookies/biscuits? Who would’ve thought? Thank goodness someone did!

I’m pretty pleased with the mug I bought a few weeks ago at Sur La Table, but that didn’t stop me from browsing around the Internet looking for other ones. Somewhat unintentionally, more than half the mugs I found (/want) are from UK-based companies. I … don’t know how that happened. Most of these are wish list items anyway (especially the Gustavberg Blue and Red Aster one — $84?!), as a) I already have a mug I like and b) I don’t drink enough tea or coffee to warrant owning more than one to two mugs. But if that changes (and I win the lottery), at least I know where to find my next one!

Top row, from left: The London Company Tea & Scone Mug, £9; Petra Boase Dots Mug, £9; Kate McLelland London Skyline Mug, £6.99
Middle row: Petra Boase Stripy Mug, £9; Penguin Classics Pride and Prejudice Mug, £8.95; Gustavsberg Blue and Red Aster Coffee Cup, $84
Bottom row: Designers Anonymous Artist Mug*, £8.95; Anthropologie Piecrust Mug, $12; Bailey Doesn’t Bark Dotted 23k Gold Mug, $48

*I think these Serving Suggestion mugs from Designers Anonymous are pretty great, too!

I remember seeing this commercial (advert) on TV (the telly) a few times when I was in London last fall. I’m glad someone uploaded it to YouTube, so I can share it! Sometimes, even the simplest white tea cup is all you need (or, in this case, a few hundred).


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