Regards, Cards

Where did this past week go? I feel like it flew right by. On Friday, a couple friends and I headed out to New Jersey to surprise a friend of ours for her birthday. Despite the rather annoying traffic we hit right before we got to our destination, it was a fun evening, and it was great to be part of a surprise (and one that managed to remain a surprise until we arrived!). The birthday girl had given me a lovely, funny, quirky handmade card for my birthday senior year, so the pressure was on to find a card for her this year. I ended up leaving the card at home (and I hadn’t even gotten around to filling it out!), but I still wanted to share the collection with you.

I think these cards, from Norwegian design duo Darling Clementine for Nineteen Seventy Three, are just asking to be framed and put up above the kitchen table or in the entryway. You can see the full Les Charlatans collection here; below are a few of my favorites.

Clockwise from top left: Sailor, Witch, Hunter, Troop Leader, Magician, Copacabana; $3.26 each

You can also find wrapping paper featuring Les Charlatans here.


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