Swedish Sweets

Last Saturday, I finally made the journey over to Christopher Street to visit Sockerbit, the recently opened Swedish candy store. (Swedish lesson of the day: Godis means candy in Swedish.) I first heard about it a month ago, when a friend with whom I’d studied abroad in Sweden two years ago sent me a link to an article about it. Swedish and candy? I’m sold. Name the place, and I’m there. Sockerbit is not the first place to sell Swedish candy in New York (and there are a few online sites where you can order your favorites), but it must be the only shop to sell such a wide range of Swedish bulk/bin candy. (Most supermarkets in Sweden have large bin candy selections, ranging from sour gummies to coconut-filled chocolates. Living in Sweden and going grocery shopping is clearly a lesson in restraint. I remember there being a particularly good godisaffär in the Hötorget tunnelbana (subway) station.)

Sockerbit was a lot of fun, and there was a lot to choose from. While I was in Stockholm, I tended toward the wrapped, brand-name candy (like Kex) over the bin candy, so I didn’t know a lot of the candy available at Sockerbit. Like with most candy stores, selecting your choices can be a risk, as you never really know what they’re going to taste like. (It’s also way too easy — but isn’t that the point? — to overfill your bag and realize just how much you’ll be paying for it later.) So, yes, Sockerbit was a pretty great place, and I do plan to go back, but probably not all that frequently. (And I think that’s for the best, right?)

The all-white walls of the store let the candy speak for itself, with few decorative distractions to take customers’ focus off the bins and bins of Swedish sweets. I made sure to bring my camera when I visited.

They also have some non-candy items, including Hafi lingonberry drink concentrate …

… and Leksands knäckebröd (crispbread).

I was a big fan of their bags — I love the pattern on the side! They even have a nice message inside: Ha en söt dag! (Have a sweet day!)

So, while this may have not been the most enthusiastic endorsement, Sockerbit is definitely worth a visit! I would definitely consider bringing visiting friends when they come to the city.

All photos taken by Taking of Toast.


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