An Impulsive Scoop

As New York Magazine continues to tempt me with guides to decadent ice creams (also in sandwich form!) around the city, my impulse buy from this past Saturday starts to look even more worth it. I bought an ice cream maker! I had mulled it over for about a week, which I guess makes it slightly less of an impulse purchase. Plus, as the weather gets hotter, stickier, and more humid, the thought of homemade ice cream in a mere few hours was too hard to pass up.

For my first foray, I went for something simple in flavor, but with a fair number of steps: coffee ice cream (link via Cupcakes and Cashmere). It’s a little creamier than I prefer my ice cream to be, and the coffee beans may have been tempering for too long, but I think it turned out pretty okay for my first go. As you can see from the photo, I threw in a few chocolate chips.

Next, I think I will go for raspberry sorbet (one of my favorites). I can’t wait to try some David Lebovitz‘s ice cream recipes once I get more advanced. I’m already considering his espresso-caramel ice cream from The Sweet Life in Paris. His pear-caramel ice cream sounds pretty interesting, too! (I’m not even a big caramel fan; these recipes just happen to have caramel in common.)

Photo by Taking of Toast.


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