On the Roof

Via this blog, I just found out about Upplev Mer‘s guided (and historical/informational) rooftop tours of Stockholm. It’s always when you’re no longer in a city that you find out about all the cool stuff it has to offer, isn’t it? It sounds a bit like the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, which (for me, at least) was both a wonderful and slightly terrifying experience when I did it five years ago. I’m always aching to go back to Stockholm, and if (when!) I do return, I will definitely have to consider a rooftop tour, especially one at sunset.

Photo by JT Blatty (reposted with permission)

If you’d rather skip the walking, but still want the views, I highly recommend usual suspects Katarinahissen and Stadshuset. I didn’t get to visit either when I studied abroad in Stockholm, so I made sure to prioritize both when I was back last summer.

Upplev Mer photo by JT Blatty. All other photos by Taking of Toast.


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