Sense of Summer

Every year, August has a way of creeping up on me. There’s nothing like that feeling at the beginning of June, when you acknowledge you have a whole summer ahead of you (although, I must admit that a I-don’t-actually-get-a-summer-break summer is very different from the summers of years past). Summer seems expansive and holds endless possibilities. But then, suddenly, it’s August. Soon, it will stop staying light so late into the evening; the air conditioner will get its own break; and I’ll have to start looking for tights to wear to work again. I do like early September, though, in that just-before-autumn phase, when you need a sweater but not yet a scarf and coat. But I’m getting ahead of myself! Here are some photos of summery things from the past few weeks. I only wish Beirut’s new album, Rip Tide (which I haven’t yet had a chance to check out in full), had come out a couple months ago — “Santa Fe” would likely have become one of my most played songs of the season. But it works just as well at the beginning of August, I think.

Here’s to enjoying fully what’s left of the summer! That will definitely include a visit to Ladurée once its New York store opens (maybe?) on August 22.

All photos taken by Taking of Toast.


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