Sweets Come Across the Pond

Earlier this week, I ventured uptown to The London Candy Company (which just happened to be observing its three-month anniversary since opening in April), having heard about it a few months ago from The New York Times. The space (which, I overheard, used to be a launderette), with its exposed brick walls and high ceiling, was decked out with just the right amount of British paraphernalia, including Union Jack pillows (which will eventually be available for purchase) and bunting. (Sadly, my bunting photo didn’t turn out very well, so you’ll just have to trust that it added just the right touch to the place.) In addition to all the British sweets — from candy to biscuits (the British kind, what we in the States would consider cookies/cakes) and all imported directly from the UK — you could want, the store also sells Portland, OR-based Stumptown Coffee, which I would’ve been sure to try had it not been late evening. The store even has a pair of sunglasses designed exclusively for The London Candy Company. From the friendly staff to the wide selection (Jaffa Cakes! Lion! Aero!), the store has a lot to offer, and I highly recommend it.

The London Candy Company is located at 1442 Lexington Avenue at 94th Street.

All photos taken by Taking of Toast.


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