Paris and New York are very different cities, but they often seem to be going head-to-head for the title of most beautiful/best/favorite city in the world. Vahram Muratyan, a Parisian graphic designer, took advantage of the well-known “rivalry” in these Paris vs. New York art prints. I like their quirkiness and how they celebrate what each city has to offer without making it about which one is better. The prints come in various sizes, with framed and stretched canvas versions also available. Below are some of my favorites.

From top to bottom: “La façade,” “Le tennis,” “Le temple,” “Les directions,” “Le surnom,” and “L’obsession” (my favorite!) 

Muratyan’s blog also features a number of Paris vs. New York prints that aren’t available for sale, such as “L’aéroport” (below) and “Le journal.”

Paris vs. New York art prints by Vahram Muratyan, via T Magazine


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