A couple weeks ago, a colleague of mine told me about Savored, a new website offering deals on restaurants. Unlike many other sites that offer coupons, Savored allows you to save 30% off your entire final bill, including alcohol. To get the discount, reservations must be made at restaurants directly through the Savored website, and the catch is that each reservation costs $10 (the company argues that it still offers a better deal than most others, and that if your “savings don’t exceed your booking fee, [it’ll] refund the price of your reservation”). The list of offerings is impressive and includes restaurants at a range of price points, cuisines, and locations. It would be a good way to test out restaurants that would normally be too expensive, or discover brand new ones.

Clockwise from upper left: Matilda,The House, The Wright, Desmond’s

I have yet to make a Savored reservation, but attempts to find a restaurant through the site for dinner last Saturday proved difficult — none of the restaurants in the neighborhood was available until much later. Here’s hoping that’s not always the case. There are some restaurants on there I really want to try!

Photo credits, clockwise from upper left: Matilda,The House, The Wright, Desmond’s


One thought on “Save/Savored

  1. I’ve used it before, back when it was Village Vines, at Stone Park Cafe (now one of my absolute favorite restaurants). Definitely a really good deal, especially if you’re planning a big night out!

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