Back to the Kitchen

I haven’t done any baking or cooking in weeks. I’m starting to get anxious. Tomorrow, February 22nd, marks a year to the day since I had my “I want to start baking!” moment. It was much easier to try new recipes and bake, bake, bake when I didn’t have anything to do with my time (other than work on my resume and draft cover letters). Now, having a job has meant two things: less time to bake, but also, more people with whom to share my baking! (Yes, there’s a theme here: I realized a few months ago that I enjoy baking a lot more than I do cooking. Cooking tends to stress me out more, but that may be because of my past attempts to cook a three-course meal by myself in the amount of time typically allotted for cooking one course. But still.)

I have been saying for months that I want to cook more, to expand my recipe repertoire — which is tiny! — and become more comfortable in the kitchen. I can cook more and keep baking, right? Of course I can. I just have to remember that I do, indeed, have the time, if I prioritized cooking/baking over a few other things.

I’m already inspired by some of the recipes on KinEats, a part of the newly-launched KinCommunity, “a community of like-minded women celebrating the simple artistry of everyday life.” In addition to recipes for grilled vegetable pizza, chopped chicken breast and farro salad, and chocolate macaroons, there’s also one for blood orange almond rice pilaf, which I think sounds particularly delicious.

Hopefully, these recipes — plus this list of 12 Recipes to Know by Heart from The Kitchn — will be the kick I need to start baking and cooking again.


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