I was browsing in Anthropologie a couple weekends ago (a new one had opened in what used to be a movie theater, and I was curious to see what they did with the space), when I noticed some beautifully packaged lotions and bath gels from Lollia. I’ve found that scented hand lotion can be hit or miss: Sometimes, the scent is overwhelming and can just make your hands smell as if you rubbed perfume on them. But the few Lollia shea butter hand cremes I smelled were subtle enough to make your hands smell nice, but not so much that you’d wish you knew how to take it off. (Seriously, how do you do it?!) I think the petite versions would make great hostess gifts.

In Love/Classic Petal

Breathe/Peony & Lily

Calm/Hyacinth & Honey

They also have beautifully packaged soaps and shower gels.

All photos from Lollia


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