Back from the Southwest: Part 2

Wow, did this week seem especially long for anyone else? I don’t think a week has felt this long in ages. Oh, well. It’s almost the weekend! Before I get to part two of my photos from vacation, I thought I’d share just a few things I’ve found myself thinking a lot about this week:

+ I am totally in awe of the table settings (and photos!) from last week’s Sunday Suppers dinner. It’s no wonder I keep seeing Amy Merrick‘s work everywhere.
+ The return of Arrested Development is more in sight than ever before.
+ I’ve already made plans with myself to try out Portland-export Pok Pok sometime soon.

Now, on to the photos (finally)!

Happy weekend!

All photos by Taking of Toast


4 thoughts on “Back from the Southwest: Part 2

  1. Gorgeous photos, deary! And I really like this Merrick lady. Her arrangements look like renaissance still-life paintings!

    • Thank you, dear! Aren’t her arrangements beautiful? I’d love to be able to do things like that with flowers!

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