Tea and Thread

Upper left: I have long been looking for a program similar to InstaPaper that I could use on my Android phone). Pocket (formerly known as ReadItLater), which I downloaded last week, seems to be doing the trick. It means I’m more likely to read articles that I come across but am not in the mood to read at the time. Those articles, more often than not, just don’t get read. I’m not a frequent user of the program (yet), but I’ve been pleased so far with the layout of the articles on both my phone and computer.

Upper right: I have become a bit of a master tea drinker as of late as I attempt to cure my sore throat and cough. By “master tea drinker,” I mean I’ve been drinking three (usually caffeine-free) cups of tea a day for the past few days. For someone who’s often vowing to drink more tea and not following through, this is something.

Bottom left: Even though I have an e-reader, I knew I had to have this copy of Emma, with cover design by Jillian Tamaki, part of the Penguin Threads collection (I felt okay with the purchase because the e-book was free, and I’ve been doing some of my reading at home from the book). I remember reading about the embroidered covers a couple years ago and adding them straightaway to my wishlist. The actual book covers are embossed, not embroidered, but my copy of Emma still feels so special, and it looks like real thread from afar. Check out the detailing on the cover of The Wizard of Oz, designed by Rachell Sumpter!

Bottom right: Ever since seeing this preview post of ASOS Salon‘s spring/summer collection on Park & Cube (via Note to Self), I’ve been waiting for it to appear online in full. Color! Lace! Flowers! I could never wear this dress, but I love the watercolor-like flowers.

Tea and book photos (edited in Instagram) by Taking of Toast. Pocket app photo via the official site. Dress photo via ASOS Salon.


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