Park Evening

This weekend was productive on some fronts, and very much not so on other fronts (read: I was lazy). But the highlight was definitely dinner (messy open-faced sandwiches can be tricky) in the park with a friend on Saturday night. It was beautiful out — thankfully, free of rain — and the type of late spring/pre-summer evening you hope for in the months to come and know you won’t get many times more.

We found an ideal place to eat off the Great Lawn, managed to not spill too much of our sandwiches on the ground, and then took a stroll around, including a quick stop to Belvedere Castle. (Touristy, maybe, but it offers great views of the park, and my friend had never been.) After my friend and I parted ways for the evening, I cut back over to the Reservoir to take some more pictures before heading home.

All photos (some edited with Instagram) by Taking of Toast

Whistles Wishes

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Whistles wish list post (and let’s be honest, my Whistles wish list is ever-constant, so why not). Their spring/summer line this year has a good mix of brights and neutrals, and, as always, lovely detailing. They’ve even added shoes (my favorite is the Colette Sandal, I think), which I may’ve mentioned before. Their prices seem to have gone up (up, up), but they’re featuring laser-cut leather (!) and quality items, many of which look comparable to high-end (much more expensive) designer pieces. Plus, wish lists just aren’t the same when everything is attainable.

1. Justine Trouser | 2. Tilda Denim Blazer | 3. Daisy Embroidered Top | 4. Lottie Pleated Skirt | 5. Clara Lace Pleated Dress | 6. Dotty Tweed Dress

Whistles does it again! And again, in their pre-fall collection, which you can sneak a preview of here. Look 16? Yes, please.

All images from Whistles