Exhibiting Light

This past January, I made it just in time (the last weekend!) to see Carsten Höller’s Experience exhibition at the New Museum, after months of saying, “We have to go!” and never doing so (except for one earlier unsuccessful attempt where my friend and I couldn’t get in). There are a number of exhibitions, however, that I wasn’t able to get to, either due to my own laziness/business or being unable to get reservations. When I saw this Black*Eiffel post on solar spectrum art, I was reminded of artist James Turrell’s exhibition Bindu Shards. The exhibition was on display at the Gagosian when I was in London, but I found out about it too late to make a reservation (way too late, apparently, as the exhibition was fully booked a day after opening!).

James Turrell, Bindu Shards, 2010

It sounded like a unique experience and an overwhelming one at the same time. Those lucky enough to get a reservation would enter a “spherical chamber [where they were] deprived of sensory stimuli and witnesse[d] a 15 minute coloured light performance, allowing an experience of ‘behind the eye seeing’.” The rest of the description of the exhibition can be found here. The picture above is of the spherical chamber.

James Turrell, Dhātu, 2010

I was unfamiliar with James Turrell’s work (and still am — I had to Google gagosian +light exhibition +pods to find this exhibition!), but I am really intrigued by what he does with light and color and would love to see his work in person. This video (in German, with English subtitles) below gives a good overview of some of his past works. Turning a crater into an observatory? Wow.

Have you ever seen any of James Turrell’s works in person?

Bindu Shards and Dhātu photos from the Gagosian Gallery


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