Cos Fall/Winter 2012

Truth be told, I’ve never gotten that excited about shopping for summer clothes. Shopping for shorts is not “fun” for me, and I find myself spending aaaages looking online for summer sandals that I like the look of and will remain comfortable on long walks around the cement city that is New York in the summertime. But there is something about shopping (or browsing) for fall clothes that I really enjoy. Maybe it’s the association with the start of school, or a way of convincing myself the humidity is coming to an end. Either way, there’s something in the air with fall that really makes me look forward to the coming months, and that includes all the fall/winter clothes appearing in stores.

I am really into the sophisticated and crisp (and yes, Scandinavian) look of COS‘s autumn line.

I also can’t stop looking at the Autumn Winter 2012 Lookbook. So very stylish.

Have I convinced you yet? Sorry for all the pictures, I just couldn’t choose! Now: When, oh, when are they going to open stores in the U.S.?

All images from COS


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