Over the weekend, I went to see Danish band Efterklang perform at the Met (Museum, not Opera) with the Wordless Music Orchestra as part of the Piramida Concerts (I’ll have a post about the concert later this week). When I think of Efterklang, I often think of the cover of their 2010 album, Magic Chairs, for which the band worked with Copenhagen-based art and design studio Hvass&Hannibal.

I don’t know what it is, I just really like those flying multi-colored ribbons. There’s a great behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Magic Chairs album cover on their blog that I highly recommend checking out.

When I was looking up Hvass&Hannibal, I came across their other work, and I wanted to share all of it here. Instead, I tried to narrow it down to some of my favorites.

Album cover design for Performing Parades, Efterklang & The Danish National Orchestra

Cover illustration and design for Danish book Legatbogen

Hvass&Hannibal had a show in London in 2010, Hvass&Hannibal: Losing the Plot. From the show’s description:

In short, the show consists of a series of graphic experiments that are all a sort of “visual word game” on the idea of collecting data. They are like distorted diagrams without context or information. Most of the pieces are made of painted wood, but there is also a series of eight posters (five hand benched screen prints and three off set prints) and a mobile consisting of 600 painted wooden sticks. Apart from being graphic interpretations of information graphics, many of the pieces are also inspired by textiles and woven grids, as well as 60’ies opart. Some of the pieces are also studies of light, colour-reflections and shadow.

‘Topographic Reflection’ (detail), wood and paint, 60×60 cm

Find a lot more of Hvass&Hannibal’s beautiful work here. I love that they provide details about their projects and the ideas behind them (while I’m no graphic designer, I still get a lot out of reading about the process behind a designer’s work). They even have a shop!

All images and designs from Hvass&Hannibal


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