Efterklang in Concert

I mentioned in my last post that I spent last Saturday night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art seeing Efterklang in concert with the Wordless Music Orchestra (as the lead singer pointed out, the auditorium where the concert was held was just off the museum’s Egyptian wing, which presented quite the contrast). I haven’t been to a concert in what feels like ages, and I’ve never been a great reviewer, so I won’t include any real recap or review here. But I am so, so glad I went — how often do you get to hear a small band you like perform with a full orchestra? Not often enough, I say! The concert was part of Efterklang’s Piramida Concerts, which they’ve been performing all over with different orchestras. This performance last year at the Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performing “The Ghost” should give you a near-perfect idea of what the concert on Saturday was like.

Also, Efterklang’s new album, Piramida, came out this week. I heard most of it at the concert on Saturday, and even without the orchestrations from that night, the album itself is still likely to get a lot of plays. You can watch a trailer for the album here, which gives a peek into Efterklang’s unusual surroundings when they were making the album. It also features one of my favorite songs from the album, “Dreams Today,” at the 1:20 mark (and yes, lead singer Casper Clausen’s running footsteps are part of the song). There’s also an interview here with Clausen in which he talks a bit about the process behind the album, and how they “found the sounds” on Spitsbergen before actually writing the songs. How cool is that?


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