Down Below

First the Highline and now … the Lowline? Back at the beginning of October, I was browsing the website for Open House New York, when I came across the listing for the Lowline, a project that “aims to convert a historic trolley terminal beneath Delancey Street into an extraordinary subterranean public park.” While the OHNY event was booked by the time I discovered it, I knew I wanted to look into it and keep it in mind for the future. Here’s a (very) brief description of the project from the website:

The Lowline aims to build the world’s first underground park using innovative technology to bring sunlight underground. As part of the vision, “remote skylights” will concentrate natural sunlight at street level, and then channel it underground, generating enough light to support photosynthesis.

The video about the project, below, starts with a question (one that I’m sure a lot of people ask): “Where do you build a new green space in a crowded city like New York?”

I really wish I had found out about it earlier so that I might’ve been able to visit the exhibition this past September at the Essex Street Warehouse, “Imagining the Lowline: A First Glimpse of a Future Underground.” I guess this time-lapse video of the exhibition will have to do.

As for when we might be able to visit the Lowline? According to an article from The Architect’s Newspaper, “the earliest possible date of completion is 2016.” It sounds like it might be worth the wait, though.

Photo from the Lowline


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