Hunting and Collecting

The other day, I decided to browse HipShops — which I wrote about a few months back, here — for some inspiration. It’s fun to be able to e-travel (?) to all sorts of different shops without feeling the desire (or obligation) to buy anything. My “trip” took me to the Brussels store Hunting and Collecting. From the website: The Hunting and Collecting store is a constantly evolving platform for contemporary fashion and culture and is conceived as a medium on its own. The space is considered  a canvas for ideas in decoration, atmosphere and retail experience. Each season we choose a theme around which we work and during the season this theme evolves around itself. Our logo gets a visual make-over and becomes the ambassador of the visual theme on all our media: website, facebook, twitter, labels, newsletters and online store.

A store whose logo changes with the season to reflect the current theme — how cool is that?! Below are some photos from the store during “Fall/Winter 2012: Mystic.” I love the purple ombré along the walls.

From “Winter Garden,” the store’s Fall/Winter 2011 theme:

A special window display, “Snowlogos,” from Winter 2010:

I will definitely have to visit the store’s website in a few months’ time to see what other themes they come up with.  Find more store interiors (and variations on the store’s logo) here.

Now that I think about it, this concept is also rather appropriate as we start a new year, isn’t it? You can always try something new and change up your style without becoming unrecognizable.

All photos by Tine Claerhout for Hunting and Collecting


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