Monet at the New York Botanical Garden

This past fall was the season for garden-going, apparently. There was the Conservatory Garden in Central Park, the New York Botanical Gardenand the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Whew! I can’t remember if I’d been to the New York Botanical Garden before, but I’d been wanting to go to see Monet’s Garden before it closed. The exhibition featured many of the flowers and plants Monet planted at his garden in Giverny (including that green bridge!), so   going to the NYBG was a bit like going to France. Sort of.

I smelled some of the most fragrant roses I’ve ever encountered and enjoyed imagining I was seeing the “real thing.”

That day, it looks like I was very much about the off-center macro photos of flowers (which, I guess, is what I’m often about).

The lily pond behind the Conservatory was one of my favorite parts.

I can see why so many people get married there! I would like to go back some time just to explore the grounds.

All photos by Taking of Toast


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