Some Thoughts

I’ve been spending the last few days brainstorming ideas for the blog, or at least trying to. My blog non-resolution for this year was to spend less time talking about it and more time doing it (it being something). But you know what? It’s not easy! I like that having a blog makes me more likely to take my camera places, so I have something to blog about. Yet what happens when I’ve run out of photos?

I’d like the answer to be a combination of “Take more!” and “Find other things to blog about!” This is not meant to be a mopey post, just a post about how I’m trying really hard to come up with things. I’m trying to discover new artists, designers, blogs, etc., and I’m trying to figure out how that discovery works. It’s both exciting and challenging. I gather that’s what blogging is all about. Now I sound like I’m trying to make some big “On Blogging” post, but that’s not the case, either! Just sharing some thoughts. Hopefully, this post will serve as some sort of momentum. Keep going! Keep discovering! It just takes patience.

Photo by Taking of Toast, edited with VSCO Cam*

*I heard about VSCO Cam through this post. I think I enjoy playing around with it so much because it lets me pretend I use a film camera rather than my phone/digital camera (yes, sometimes I upload my digital photos so I can try them out in the app).

One thought on “Some Thoughts

  1. I don’t think it sounds mopey at all. I find it inspiring, especially the lines: “I’m trying to figure out how that discovery works” and “Keep going! Keep discovering!” Good luck, and keep blogging!

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