I enjoyed compiling links for this feature the last time I did it, and I thought it might be time to bring it back again.

+ This may now be considered “old” news, but Intelligentsia is opening up shop in New York City this spring! I have high hopes that it will feature special design details, like the tile in the Silver Lake location, which I wrote about here.

+ T’is the season for the flu/common cold. I came down with the latter last week, and yet I still didn’t think to check out Design*Sponge’s great compilation of “Cures for the Common Cold: Tips from the Creative Community.” (via The Curator)

+ I can’t wait to watch this FM4 Radio Session of Danish band Efterklang performing three songs off their new album, Piramida. Even though I just saw them in concert in September, I’m thinking of doing so again when they’re next in New York in the spring. They’re currently on tour (and I highly recommend them), so check out their tour schedule here.

+ Katie of blog What Katie Does just posted an amazing guide on getting started with calligraphy. Her introduction already has me wanting to run out to the nearest art store to buy the tools and start trying it out myself.

I added a number of new blogs to my reading list this past week, and I’m already discovering all sorts of new things. Here’s to a relaxing, hopefully-not-too-cold weekend!


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