For the Wall

I have four or five prints/posters of various sizes sitting in my room, waiting to be hung at a later date. Some, I managed to hang up in college; others, I’ve ordered since then. If I had an unlimited budget, I’m sure I could find enough that, once hung up, there’d be no wall left. I’ve been collecting my favorites over on Pinterest, as well as discovering lots of new work. I like imagining what room I’d put them in, how I’d hang them (if I’d hang them — the framed-poster-on-the-floor trend still seems to be going strong). Below are some of my favorites. For a few of them, I’ll just say it: It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when (like that Max Wanger print, which I’ve had my eye on for months).

Clockwise from top left: “In Meadow” print by Anna Emilia Laitinen; “cat nap” print by Yelena Bryksenkova; “Blue Waves” print by Yao Cheng Design; “Cats” print by Amy Borrell/Cake with Giants; “New York” photo print by Max Wanger“Synchronized Swimmers Print” by Rifle Paper Co.; 2013 Birthstone Calendar by Oh My Deer Handmades; “Must Dash” archival art print by Emma Block

I also love this watercolor print by Malissa Rayder for LEIF, which is sadly sold out now, as are a few of the ones featured above. That will teach me to waver on purchasing (one-of-a-kind) prints! As a new (again) knitter, this one caught my eye. This poster made me laugh, and someday, I will have one of these on my wall.

I’m always looking for new art. Any favorites you’ve had your eye on for awhile or that you already have hanging in your home?

P.S. Happy March, and happy weekend! Spring is only three weeks away!


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