Art of the Menu

Even though I’m not a graphic designer, I still find Art of the Menu a source of inspiration. In addition to making me want to possess graphic design skills, it makes me want to travel around to visit all the restaurants whose menus are featured on the site. While a restaurant is, yes, about the food, service, and atmosphere, the smaller details are still appreciated. I always enjoy a menu that’s well designed — and goes well with the restaurant’s overall look/feel —  or something other than just text on a page. That’s not to say a cool-looking menu can make up for an otherwise bad dining experience, but if you can design a memorable menu, then I say, why not?

Designed by Drach P. Claude for Jeannette et les Cycleux in Strasbourg, France

Designed by Bex Brands for Gabardine in Point Loma, CA

Designed by Fixer Creative for Shuga’s in Colorado Springs, CO

See more under the cut!

Designed by Paperwhite Studio for Jack’s Wife Freda in New York, NY

Designed by Jeshurun Webb at Korn Design for Oak Long Bar + Kitchen in Boston, MA

Designed by Stephanie Sheldon for Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland, OH

Designed by Visual Dialogue for Belly Wine Bar in Cambridge, MA

I was interested to learn that the New York Public Library has a digital archive of menus from the 1850s to 1930s from the collection of Miss Frank E. Buttolph. That definitely sounds worth a browse.

A few more favorites of mine: Phoenicia Diner, L’Epicerie, El Gravat, Lentini’s, Tarry Lodge, and Picasso Cafe

All photos from Art of the Menu (see links for individual credits)


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