Flowers for Spring

I was on my way home from running errands on Saturday when I spotted a flower shop with beautiful, bright blooms on display on the sidewalk. I decided to keep walking — it was across the street, I didn’t need flowers, they were probably really expensive, etc. But I got to the corner and couldn’t resist. The flowers’ pull was so strong that I crossed the street and walked back up the block (both in opposite directions of where I was headed). In I went, and flowers I purchased. It was our first truly spring-like day, the sun was shining, and they were just so colorful. Were they overpriced and an “impulse buy” on my part? Certainly. But are they beautiful? I’d say so.

All photos by Taking of Toast


8 thoughts on “Flowers for Spring

    • When I was younger, I always said, “When I have my own place, I’m going to buy myself fresh flowers every week!” That was when I was a little less aware (blissfully ignorant?) of what these little luxuries cost.

      I actually bought some dried flowers at the farmer’s market a couple months ago that are supposed to last for a while, but I think they may be past their prime at this point.

      You’re right, though, they are such great mood brighteners!

  1. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself! Don’t underestimate the importance of having a little bit of beauty that makes you smile. I’ve made origami flowers and occasionally rearrange them around the house to keep things bright on a budget.

    And I just wanted to say I’m enjoying your blog! I found it through your comments on Leaner by the Lake (hey Eileen!) and am glad I did. Have a lovely weekend.

    Alicia Jay

    • You’re right about the importance of treating yourself! Origami flowers sound like such a nice alternative to real flowers (plus, they won’t die). I used to be really into origami when I was younger and then bought a tissue paper flower kit (clearly meant for children) a few years ago and had some fun with it.

      Thank you so much for stopping me, and for the kind words about my blog, Alicia! Hope you have a nice weekend, too. 🙂 I look forward to checking out your blog.

    • Aren’t they beautiful? I should say, weren’t they beautiful, because I did not take good care of them, and they wilted rather quickly. But today’s weather gives me hope that there are more happiness-inducing colors to come!

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