Sea NY

For the past few Fashion Week cycles, I have made an attempt to look at all the shows covered by (which, it turns out, is not every show — when feeling particularly ambitious, I also check out Now Fashion, which has broader coverage). It is rather exhaustive, but then I realize that I am sitting at my computer staring at photos, not a) a model walking in the shows or b) an editor/reporter scrambling from show to show cover it with a looming deadline. Fancy clothes aside, I think I have it pretty easy. I don’t know why I do it; I think it’s so I can feel “in the know” (that, and I’ve always been interested in fashion — there are just some years where I make more of an effort to be aware of smaller, up-and-coming designers). I have various self-imposed criteria for what looks I will add to my lookbook. They mainly revolve around “It’s so pretty!” or “I want to wear that, sigh!” But I do also like looks that I would never actually wear (for one reason or another).

I’d heard of New York-based Sea before, but this year, their Fashion Week presentation for Spring/Summer 2014 was a real standout to me. There was a fair combination of looks I could definitely see myself wearing and those I’d wear if-only-this-or-that-were-different. Their presentation contained more than 40 looks, but I keep returning to these four.

You can see their full collection here.

All photos by Gilbèrt François, courtesy of Sea / from

Forward (Maybe)


Oh, little blog, you deserve better. Part of me wonders if it’s time to throw in the (electronic?) towel and accept that blogging is not for me. Part of me has hope than I still make something out of it. But mainly, part of me (most of me) is just exhausted. In the tired, whiny way. It has nothing to do with the blog, or the blogosphere. I just haven’t had the energy — and maybe that’s just a euphemism for desire — to want to update here. This is nothing new! Many months ago, I was talking about how maybe the reason I’m always struggle with updating and maintaining my blog is because I put too much pressure on it to be something or contain this sort of post, but not that one. This is not productive or helpful to anyone! Certainly not to me. “This is your blog, lady! Post what you want!” (No, seriously, I am pretty sure this same exact post exists at least two other times in the archives.)

Soooooo, while work is, well, work, why not try again? Selfishness is not really a quality I admire, but all this trying again is really just for me, so I can prove to myself that I can do this and to feel like I have something to do other than work. Gooooo, team me, right?

Photo by Taking of Toast