Sea NY

For the past few Fashion Week cycles, I have made an attempt to look at all the shows covered by (which, it turns out, is not every show — when feeling particularly ambitious, I also check out Now Fashion, which has broader coverage). It is rather exhaustive, but then I realize that I am sitting at my computer staring at photos, not a) a model walking in the shows or b) an editor/reporter scrambling from show to show cover it with a looming deadline. Fancy clothes aside, I think I have it pretty easy. I don’t know why I do it; I think it’s so I can feel “in the know” (that, and I’ve always been interested in fashion — there are just some years where I make more of an effort to be aware of smaller, up-and-coming designers). I have various self-imposed criteria for what looks I will add to my lookbook. They mainly revolve around “It’s so pretty!” or “I want to wear that, sigh!” But I do also like looks that I would never actually wear (for one reason or another).

I’d heard of New York-based Sea before, but this year, their Fashion Week presentation for Spring/Summer 2014 was a real standout to me. There was a fair combination of looks I could definitely see myself wearing and those I’d wear if-only-this-or-that-were-different. Their presentation contained more than 40 looks, but I keep returning to these four.

You can see their full collection here.

All photos by Gilbèrt François, courtesy of Sea / from

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