It’s spring! Maybe, sort of, kind of, finally?


To celebrate, some completely unrelated articles and web-things that I found worth a read:
+ I’m definitely going to be spending a good deal of time browsing Typedia, a “shared encyclopedia of typefaces,” which I discovered by chance during a Google search. Who knew that there were so many subclasses within serif fonts?
+ In I’m not sure if this is fascinating or makes me uncomfortable or both news, Grub Street has an article on how fancy-pants restaurants like Eleven Madison Park Google its guests in order to elevate their dining experience. Apparently, this isn’t even that unusual. (If you haven’t seen the New York Times‘ Op-Art graphic on dining/restaurant lingo from a couple years ago, I highly recommend it. Aah, to one day be a B.G.E. at a place like Annisa!)
+ Blogger Jennifer Chong went backpacking in the mountains in Arizona and has been posting beautiful (beautiful!) photos from her trip.
+ Just for fun: Have you played the game 2048? Are you obsessed? Most importantly, have you gotten to 2048 yet?! (For me, the answers are yes, yes, and, sadly, no.)