I have been getting that hankering that always seems to come three months after New Year’s resolution time. I want to learn something! I haven’t settled on what it is yet, but I have a few ideas floating around: a watercolor or dance class, a (not necessarily new) language, maybe even knots (gonna be honest and say this last one is not really at the top of my list, but how cool would that be?!).

Oh, and maybe I can also teach myself how to post more frequently (haha, good one!). But yes, I got a little inspired this morning, so here I am. Photos to post, things to learn, possibilities to explore (like developing my blog layout into something a little more exciting?)! Maybe with spring on its maybe-way, I’ll be inspired to take my camera out with me.


Number One

A new year, a new blog? Yes (new year) and no (new blog). Part of me wants to really just start this blog all over again, with a new name and maybe some other new things, too (as I would argue that I have yet to “establish” myself/this blog, I don’t think it would be all that difficult). But I’m happy here. I do want to try some new things out — short and sweet posts and all that. Share a bit more of myself, maybe. At the very least, I need to start sharing some of all these photos I’ve been taking! To start, just one, from Charleston, SC, where we went between Christmas and New Year’s. Seems like a fitting time-frame for a new blog (post!) in the new year.

P.S. Happy New Year, and then some, even if I’m a little late. 🙂

Forward (Maybe)


Oh, little blog, you deserve better. Part of me wonders if it’s time to throw in the (electronic?) towel and accept that blogging is not for me. Part of me has hope than I still make something out of it. But mainly, part of me (most of me) is just exhausted. In the tired, whiny way. It has nothing to do with the blog, or the blogosphere. I just haven’t had the energy — and maybe that’s just a euphemism for desire — to want to update here. This is nothing new! Many months ago, I was talking about how maybe the reason I’m always struggle with updating and maintaining my blog is because I put too much pressure on it to be something or contain this sort of post, but not that one. This is not productive or helpful to anyone! Certainly not to me. “This is your blog, lady! Post what you want!” (No, seriously, I am pretty sure this same exact post exists at least two other times in the archives.)

Soooooo, while work is, well, work, why not try again? Selfishness is not really a quality I admire, but all this trying again is really just for me, so I can prove to myself that I can do this and to feel like I have something to do other than work. Gooooo, team me, right?

Photo by Taking of Toast

Some Thoughts

I’ve been spending the last few days brainstorming ideas for the blog, or at least trying to. My blog non-resolution for this year was to spend less time talking about it and more time doing it (it being something). But you know what? It’s not easy! I like that having a blog makes me more likely to take my camera places, so I have something to blog about. Yet what happens when I’ve run out of photos?

I’d like the answer to be a combination of “Take more!” and “Find other things to blog about!” This is not meant to be a mopey post, just a post about how I’m trying really hard to come up with things. I’m trying to discover new artists, designers, blogs, etc., and I’m trying to figure out how that discovery works. It’s both exciting and challenging. I gather that’s what blogging is all about. Now I sound like I’m trying to make some big “On Blogging” post, but that’s not the case, either! Just sharing some thoughts. Hopefully, this post will serve as some sort of momentum. Keep going! Keep discovering! It just takes patience.

Photo by Taking of Toast, edited with VSCO Cam*

*I heard about VSCO Cam through this post. I think I enjoy playing around with it so much because it lets me pretend I use a film camera rather than my phone/digital camera (yes, sometimes I upload my digital photos so I can try them out in the app).

The Taking of Twitter

This year, I’m trying to dedicate more time to this blog, in more ways than one. It’s all part of growing my blog and maybe, finally finding my niche or establishing a consistent post schedule.

So, I got a Twitter for the blog! It’s already proven a useful way for me to interact with some of the bloggers I follow, and I hope to be able to discover some new things through it, too. Feel free to follow (along) over at @takingoftoast!

(As for the title of this post, I just couldn’t help myself. I tried. I really did.)


Finally! I’m really back! I must admit that laziness was one of the factors in my leaving this blog un-updated for so long. But maybe we could pretend it wasn’t laziness and that it’s tiredness instead? Because I got a job! About a month ago, I started my first real, grown-up, paying (!) job (let’s face it, it’s the paying part that makes it so official — plenty of my internships have been grown-up, and they’ve all been real). As I continue to adjust to a “real world” schedule, which means not getting to stay up as late as I want and sleeping in to whenever I please, I’ve found myself very tired. I wouldn’t say my job is exhausting; it’s not a job that requires any significant amount of physical or manual labor. I do walk/run up stairs a lot, but that doesn’t really count. I think it’s probably that I still try to push the bedtime boundary, going to bed about an hour later than I should. Who would have ever thought that at 23, bedtime would still be such an issue? Remember when 9 p.m. was a late bedtime? Oh, how times have changed. Anyway! I’m happy in my new job. I’m still adjusting, to many things, but I’m very grateful to have been hired. The job may not answer many questions about what path I want for myself, but it’s (more than) something, and I’m okay with that. (I’m less okay with the reality that I no longer have a 3-month summer vacation, but then I remind myself that I have a job, and that pretty much rids me of my right to whine about it!)

I think one way for me to make the updates here more frequent is to make them shorter. I think I may have set that as a goal when I first started it — “Don’t feel so much pressure to make a big post!” I said to myself. I really enjoy reading the blog A Cup of Jo, and the posts there are often short and sweet.

I kept telling myself (and others), “I won’t be posting about my outfits,” and I decided to try my best not to talk about clothes or accessories all the time, since so many other blogs already do that. But it’s okay to do that! I still won’t be doing daily outfit posts (my outfits are never that exciting), but if I want to talk about this cool scarf or that beautiful dress, then I should be able to! I’d to avoid all-out materialism on this blog, even if sometimes, all I want to do is talk about Whistles all day (man, that pound to dollar conversion really gets you!). So…yes. This is not to say, “Watch out! Lots and lots of clothes are coming!” But I guess it is to say, “Sometimes, I will talk about clothes.”

Also, I feel so awkward posting on a Saturday! It’s definitely unconventional for the blog world. But I said I would update this week, and I still believe it to be “this week,” so here I am. Thanks to everyone for sticking around with me and the blog!