Then and Now

It’s almost hard to believe I took the photo above at the end of November. With a late Thanksgiving, my birthday, and dear family friends visiting, it was a busy (and food-filled!) few days, in the best possible way.

Then, the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year’s seemed to take their time, which can be a good thing when there’s so much to do. (I like Christmas and the holiday spirit that comes with it — at least in non-overwhelming doses — but I do not live day-to-day in anticipation of it during the rest of the year. I know some people do, but I just never have. So, I don’t mind that those first three weeks of December don’t go by in a flash.)

Now, January is here! I am very happy to say that I am still knitting, with just one month to go before I hit my one-year “anniversary.” These days, if I’m not knitting, I’m thinking about knitting, or thinking about how I should be knitting those mittens for my friend.

In terms of “Internet things” (I really must come up with something more clever/catchy): I’ve put this tea pot on my wishlist. | I’ve decided, maybe somewhat prematurely, to try my hand on knitting a sweater (eek!) this year and have been bookmarking a lot of posts on this blog. | There’s been a lot of “house envy” over all the beautiful interiors/exteriors Elise of Pennyweight has been posting here.

Oh, also, hot chocolate? It does the trick this time of year.


Knit Knit Knit

After a relatively strong posting run, I went away again! Well, not away away — I wish! — just blog away. Work has been busy (and getting more so), but one of the main reasons I’ve been posting so infrequently is that I’ve been knitting! Yes, knitting. It was all rather spur of the moment, but I decided to pick up knitting again. Or start knitting. Maybe somewhere in between, given that the last time I tried knitting was in ninth or tenth grade, and I had to relearn. It’s been fun, but time-consuming. Those hats, scarves, etc. don’t knit themselves, and I’m still a slow knitter who needs to stare at my knitting so I don’t make any mistakes. You know what they don’t tell you when you start knitting (or maybe they do and I just never paid attention or had anyone to tell me)? Knitting gets expensive! Yarn gets expensive, with skeins going for upwards of $40! No wonder cashmere scarves cost so much money.

So far, I’ve knitted a scarf (which will be officially “finished” once I get over my laziness and wet-block it) and completed a hat, which I am really am quite proud of! It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, even with double pointed needles. I was very close to completing my second hat when I noticed a mistake, and in an attempt to correct it, I’ve made about three more. What I really need to do is learn how to correct my own mistakes. I think that will save me a lot of stress and trouble going forward.

Photo by Taking of Toast of the selection at Purl Soho